“Until . . .”

I again want to thank you on behalf of Brenda and our family for your prayers, support, notes and encouragement in regard to her illness. I also wanted to thank you again for allowing us to serve you across the years. It has a been the primary work we have given our lives to here … Continue reading “Until . . .”

“Let Hope Thrive”

At the long-term care hospital my wife is in, the advertisement says, “Let hope thrive.” On the walls down the halls of the hospital are pictures of people who came in with little hope of getting better. There have been a variety of health issues that each one faced, from strokes, accidents, breathing issues, cancer, … Continue reading “Let Hope Thrive”

“Grief to Joy”

September 1, 2019 Across the years I have had the privilege of serving with some of the most loving people in the world through different places and times.   As most of you know, my dear sweet loving wife Brenda is critically ill in ICU.  I am waiting for the “grief to turn to joy.”  (John … Continue reading “Grief to Joy”

“Dealing With Grief”

If we live very long on this earth, we will experience some type of loss.  We will know a little bit about what grief is.  Grief can be defined as feelings that we experience when we lose something or someone.  Most of the time those feelings involve sadness.  Sometimes, there is a conflict of feelings.  … Continue reading “Dealing With Grief”


Priorities in our lives are always a bit difficult to determine.  By definition a priority is something that is important and should be dealt with before other things.  Priorities are knowing what is important, when it is important, and acting on it.   Students have always known that they put off some things till the last … Continue reading “Priorities”

“Letting Go”

In a few days, there will be a great deal of change as the summer break schedule shifts back into the daily school schedule.  Change is difficult.  Students will be in new classes with new teachers and maybe some of the same students, but things will be different.  The class make-up, the schedule, the books, … Continue reading “Letting Go”

“Dealing With Change”

Changes are usually hard for most of us.  As a rule, we don’t like change.  The demolition of the old schoolhouse that has been the elementary through the high school many of those years since 1940 is gone.  It has been taken down and hauled off.  It is interesting how we get nostalgic about places, … Continue reading “Dealing With Change”